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Welcome to the Brand New Spreading Jam.



It's been years coming, but we finally have a website of our own. No, not a blog, not a homepage, a real website.

You can now view case studies for some of our best work, all with accompanying visuals and videos, see our latest tweets and Instagram photos, read about Jam's history, see the services we offer our clients and much more.

The site has been designed to be fully-responsive, 'one site for every screen'. This means that the same website will work across many screens and many devices; large monitors, small monitors, tablets, mobile phones, TVs and more. 

This had a massive impact on the thinking behind not only the design of the site but also how we approached building it. For example, ever since the introduction of the iPhone 4 and its retina display almost 2 years ago, more and more devices are shipping with high resolution displays. This means we have to put more attention and love in to how we design our apps and websites to ensure they look absolutely gorgeous on these new displays. 

We didn't want to just build a website that looks good today, we wanted to build a website that will look good weeks, months and years down the line. As well as being responsive, our website is high resolution-ready - try browsing with a retina iPad, it looks incredible!

Happy browsing.

Sean McEmerson is Senior Developer at Jam. He built this beautiful site. 

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