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Jam in the Press: The five rules of social media management

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In a recent article in Marketing, Jamie Kenny reminds us that It's not all about Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook is fast becoming more of a traditional paid-for media channel than a social-media platform per se for brands, according to Jamie Kenny (right), chief strategy officer at social-media agency Jam. 'It used to be the case that when you had a Facebook community, a post from your brand page reached 18% of your audience. Over the past six months, that percentage has decreased and some brand pages are reaching just 5% of their audience. To gain more reach, you have to pay. Facebook has tweaked its algorithm to encourage brand owners to buy advertising,' he says.

Kenny claims a strong case for making greater use of emerging social-media platforms. Tumblr, which appeals to a young demographic, has about 4m registered users in the UK, while the female-oriented Pinterest has 2.7m. This compares with Facebook's 29m UK users and Twitter's 8m. 'There is a business advantage to working with the growing social networks that haven't yet found a way to monetise themselves. Brands can generate more engagement and at a lower cost than with Facebook,' says Kenny.

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