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Jam in the Press: 40 Years of Mobile

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Our Head of Mobile, Dan Beasley, tells the Drum how mobile has changed marketing. 

Dan says:

Forty years ago the mobile phone was born. Now, flash forward, we're at the point now where more people own a mobile phone than own a toothbrush.

That's huge - and it means that brands and advertisers can't just treat mobile like a standalone channel, a box tick, anymore.

Mobile needs to be at the core of an advertiser's agenda. At Jam, we look at mobile as the connective tissue between all manner of communications. At every point where customers see advertising - be it out of home, point of sale, on TV, online or in-store - they have their mobile to hand. That little device is the bridge to engagement.

Mobile is the ultimate, always-on connected channel which allows advertisers to have constant presence and dialogue in their customers lives. Now they just need to start taking advantage of that.

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