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Customer Service: O2 versus @RobBrydon


I’ve always been a big fan of O2, they succeeded in turning Britain’s most famous white elephant into a trendy live music arena, they were the first to get the iPhone exclusivity contract and all in all, I have been a happy customer of theirs over the years, but when it comes to their social media, I think they are missing a trick.

So, ok, they do have some presence on Twitter (@O2) but it doesn’t have  a clear purpose, one minute it’s advertising the PalmPre, the next it’s talking about its entrepreneur awards, now it’s moved onto customer service with a few @replies appearing on their page.

They obviously know it is important to be involved in social media, but they do not seem to have a clear purpose or strategy for their engagement with consumers on Twitter. If they did, they might have noticed that a certain star of Gavin and Stacey has been tweeting about O2’s 3G coverage (or rather, the lack of it) and responded to him in the public domain to resolve his issues.


So far, Rob Brydon has tweeted at least 5 times in the last 2 weeks about the coverage:

RB tweet 1

RB tweet 2

RB tweet 3

Rob Brydon currently has 75,169 followers, and counting.  According to TwitterCounter.com his followers grow by an average of 153 per day, meaning that by the time Orange/Vodafone start selling the iPhone “later this year” (which I am taking to mean December), Rob Brydon will have an audience of approximately 85,821 followers who will hear about his troubles with O2 3G coverage.   He has already had many @comments about his problems from his followers, including, rather cheekily:



Ok, not everyone will see his tweets, but as an influential and respected celebrity, his opinion is bound to start impacting his followers’ behaviour.

Word of web + word of mouth = consequences.

Will it stop people getting an iPhone? No. Will it encourage consumers to view other networks more favourably?  I would say so, yes.

My advice to O2: get your customer services team onto @RobBrydon immediately! Ensure your response is in the public forum as an @reply. Now is your chance to make an impact.

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